Vintage Vibrations Amplifiers
Boutique Quality - No Compromises
Classic,vintage style,hand-wired all tube guitar/harp amplifiers.Inspired by the Tweed-Blackface,British/Plexi amplifiers of the 50's/60's,and built with the finest N.O.S. and currently manufactured components available. From 5 watts to 100 watts,the attention to detail is the same.Hand-built for TONE one at a time in the U.S.A. Amplifiers are available as combo or head, with many speaker/tolex/grillcloth options. Turnaround 4-8 weeks. I also offer the highest quality amplifier repair,restoration, modification/de-modification. Custom "tone tailoring" is my specialty."Dan, The amp sounds fantastic!The tone is just so sweet!..""The most beautiful tweed on the planet!.."Buzz Kilman-WCKG Chicago,Il."It has replaced my 68' Plexi as my GO TO amp!"Harmony Central Review 6/07"The tone of the Hanwell just killed,and it DOMINATED the Hiwatt!It's the fattest tone I've ever heard!.."Email 7/07 For example pics,go to HLPDB Gear Page,Search ampdan. Email for additional info,sound clips etc.

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